Готовитесь к покупке щенка Вест Хайленд Уайт Терьера или Ризеншнауцера? Множество полезных советов ждут вас на форуме питомника "Мечта Натали".

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(Highland White Terrier)


West Highland White Terrier kennel Mechta Nataly


West Highland White Terrier - playful, sturdy little dog. The form of the head of snow-white terrier resembles a chrysanthemum flower. Gorgeous hair, characteristic of the breed, is remarkable: the hard and rough hair length of about 5 cm and thick, soft undercoat. Soft and wavy hair is unacceptable. Back straight, chest deep, with rounded edges. Appearance of this dog is extremely attractive. Such a naughty appearance is not found in any other breed of terriers. Thanks to its attractive appearance and convenient size, about 28 cm at the withers, the breed has gained unprecedented popularity.

History of breed

The homeland of the breed - the highlands of Scotland. Prejudice hunters, holding Cairn Terriers, to their puppies white color marked the beginning of the breed West highland white Terrier. Malcolm from the estate of Poltalloh collected these white outsiders and bred them separately. First clubs of fans of the West Highland White Terrier were formed in 1905, when he has received the status of an independent breed. Today, the breed has his many fans around the World.

Features of the care and maintenance

Confident and adaptable to any conditions of life, this energetic and sociable terrier turned into a universal favourite. Pugnacity and shyness are not typical of the breed. West Highland and ready to adapt to the urban, and suburban life. Best of all, he will feel in the role of a full-fledged member of the family, which, together with all his household basking in the fireplace, but it can run around plenty of space, play with the ball. Remember that it was originally used as a working hunting dog, and it was an inveterate hunter of foxes and badgers. Needless to say it is a great rat-killer.

West Highland - the perfect choice for someone who wants to have a healthy and mobile dog, but is not well suited for an ambitious exhibition participant who does not want to spend a lot of time to care for a dog coat. Show dogs require considerable grooming. For the perfect look, you need to constantly monitor the condition of its coat incontact with a qualified specialist.

West Highland White Terriers are prone to food allergies, so it is advisable to feed them dry food-grade quality based on lamb and rice, or with carefully selected natural products. Categorically unacceptable to feed your dog 'from the table'.

When buying a puppy West Highland White Terrier seriously approach the issue of choice of nursery and breeder who would provide you high quality healthy dog and qualified assistance in matters of growing pet.

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