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Main Riesenschnauzers

   (Giant Schnauzer)


Riesenschnauzer kennel Mechta Nataly


Riesenschnauzer - the largest of the three varieties of Schnauzers. It is strength, fearless, tenacity. Riesenschnauzer is extremely active, adventurous and uncorruptible. His stern and warlike appearance, energy, mobility, strength and sharpness of the attack correspond to the requirements of the universal utility dog, which it originally was created. Riesen is extremely functional, tireless and tough.

This dog has a compact build, with short body, free and vigorous movements. With strong addition it should be quite elegant. Height 60-70 cm for Giant Schnauzer is characterized by high resistance to adverse weather factors and mechanical influences, that great merit belongs to the unique Schnauzer's "work clothes" - tough, very thick, wire coat. Coat color black or "pepper and salt". The ears and tail are natural or cropped.

History of breed

This largest Schnauzer, derived from the German dogs herded cattle, took its final shape after a series of systematic cross-breeding with smaller varieties of Schnauzers. At first it was shown at the exhibition in Munich in October 1909, under the title "Russian schnauzer-bearcracker", the breed was recognized by the kennel club of Germany in 1925.

Features of the care and maintenance

Despite the somewhat gloomy appearance, this dog is very sociable and contact. It is extremely attached to its owners, violently happy to communicate with people from "their pride" and it is ready to actively defend them. For other pets, living with them under the same roof, even adult males are usually tolerated. With children, particularly grown up with it in the same house, Riesen behaves very gently, if somewhat patronizing. Having decided to get a dog of this breed, consider your own possibilities and think about whether you have enough character and strength to grow and maintain it. Riesenschnauzer needs long walks with exercises and systematic education. This breed require special grooming. The process of molting schnauzer not expressed, his coat requires periodic trimming. Recommended to regularly consult a professional canine groomer to give your pet rock image.


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